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Authorised Distributor of Siroflex and Den Braven Products

As well as manufacturing and supplying our own range of silicone sealants, sealants and adhesives. We are also an authorised distributor of Siroflex and Den Braven products. If you require a quotation on any of the products within the Siroflex and Den Braven range, please contact us. We aim to offer the most competitive prices if you find a quoted product cheaper elsewhere let us know and we will try to beat it. Most products are available for delivery within 48 hours. Please find full product list below, click on product name for full details:

Siroflex SX Mighty Strength Seal and Fix
Siroflex SX Mighty Strength Grip and Grab Adhesive
Siroflex SX GP 2001 Silicone
Siroflex SX Everseal Bath and Sanitary Silicone
Siroflex SX High Temperature Silicone
Siroflex SX Painters Caulk It
Siroflex SX All Weather Sealant
Siroflex SX PU Expanding Foam
Siroflex SX Flameguard Intumescent Acoustic Sealant
Siroflex SX Small Gap Filler
Siroflex SX Glass Cleaner
Siroflex SX Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes
Siroflex SX Cladding Pins
Siroflex SX Contractors LMA Silicone
Siroflex SX Contractors PU Expanding Foam
Siroflex SX Contractors Lead Sheet Sealant
Siroflex SX Sureseal Shower & Sanitary Silicone
Siroflex SX Sureseal Multi Purpose Linseed Oil Putty
Den Braven Zwaluw Aqua Silicone
Den Braven Zwaluw Montagefix PU Adhesive
Tectane BC 530 Brake Cleaner
Tectane CS 780 Cockpit Spray
Tectane PS 697 Protection Wax
Tectane SL 527 Silicone Spray
Tectane CO 507 Cutting Oil 400ml
Siroflex SX Mighty Strength Clearbond MS Adhesive
Siroflex SX Glue Screws
Siroflex SX LMA 2001 Silicone
Siroflex SX Glazing Silicone
Siroflex SX Lead Sheet Sealant
Siroflex SX Rainproof Acrylic Caulk
Siroflex SX Polyflex HM Polyurethane
Siroflex SX PU Foam Cleaner
Siroflex SX Flameguard Fire Retardant Silicone
Siroflex SX Superglue
Siroflex SX PVCu Solvent Cleaner
Siroflex SX Plastic Top Pins
Siroflex SX Mixed Flat Packers
Siroflex SX Contractors LMN Silicone
Siroflex SX Sanitary Silicone
Siroflex SX PVA
Siroflex SX Sureseal Window & Door Frame Sealant
Siroflex SX Butyl Glazing Compound
Den Braven Zwaluw Windowseal Plus Silicone
Den Braven Zwaluw Silicone Remover
Tectane PO 496 Penetrating Oil
Tectane PC 780 Plastic Cleaner
Tectane CS 380 Chain Spray
Tectane WG 171 White Grease
Siroflex SX Mighty Strength Super Fast Polyurethane Adhesive
Siroflex SX Solvent Free Glue Screws
Siroflex SX LMN 2001 Silicone
Siroflex SX Building Silicone
Siroflex SX Lead Flashing
Siroflex SX Instant Plaster Filler
Siroflex SX Polysulphide Sealant
Siroflex SX Silicone Spray
Siroflex SX B1 Fire Retardant Foam
Siroflex SX Superglue Activator
Siroflex SX PVCu Cream Cleaner
Siroflex SX Plastic Top Nails
Siroflex SX Contractors GP Silicone
Siroflex SX Contractors Caulk
Siroflex SX PVCu Silicone
Siroflex SX Sureseal Multi Purpose Silicone
Siroflex SX Sureseal Roof & Gutter Sealant
Siroflex SX Ultra Light Filler
Den Braven Zwaluw Hybriseal 2PS Sealant
Den Braven Spectrum-seal Silicone
Tectane BC 509 Carburettor Cleaner
Tectane CS 280 Contact Spray
Tectane VB 377 V-Belt Spray
Tectane PS 602 PTFE Spray