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Polysulphide Sealant; What Are The Alternatives?

Over recent years many manufacturers have discontinued their polysulphide sealant ranges. There are several reasons for this the first and foremost is the hazardous formulation of polysulphide sealant. In terms of formulation it is much more hazardous to produce than the alternatives and has reached a point where the cost outweighs the benefit. The second reason is performance; a good quality polyurethane, ms polymer or hybrid polymer will not only match, it will out perform a polysulphide sealant and have a faster cure time. The final reason is cost, the cost of polysulphide sealants compared to the alternatives are the same or higher with the previously stated weaker overall performance. 

The alternatives within the Idealseal range are the Auto-Marine and the MS290. Whilst both products can perform the same applications as a polysulphide sealant the performance, paintability, ease and speed of application is better. When it comes to the choice of the Auto-Marine or the MS290 this is dependent on your application. The Auto-Marine offers greater chemical resistance than the MS290 whereas the MS290 can be applied on surfaces which are wet, damp or even underwater and has the added advantage of a food grade certificate.

Polysulphide Sealant